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About Us

techopsguru specializes in providing devops, technical operations and infrastructure architecture services for all types of companies.

Our services include devops, systems administration, infrastructure design and project management of systems and network related projects

Who we are


Whether creating a workflow from scratch or helping move towards a DevOps workflow that works for your company we have you covered.

techopsguru has been working with DevOps in mind for as long as it has been around. We even helped form the San Diego DevOps Meetup group to help freely spread ideas and information around DevOps.

With extensive experience with many DevOps tools we will work with you to get the right tools in place for you.

Among the tools and platforms we have used and have experience with are :

  • Infrastructure as code: Chef, Puppet and Ansible
  • Containerization: Docker, Amazon ECS, Kubernates, OpenStack, Amazon Elastic Beanstalk and Rancher
  • Platforms: Amazon AWS (EC2, RDS, Lambda etc.), Google Cloud Platform
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD): Jenkins, Amazon Codepipeline
  • SaaS tools: Opsgenie, Pagerduty, JIRA, Trello
  • Configuration Management (CM): Github, Gitlab, use/implementation of Gitflow.
  • Other *Ops and concepts: Agile, ChatOps, SecOps

Infrastructure Architecture

Designing a hardware infrastructure with the application and business objectives in mind. We use physical, cloud (AWS EC2, Google Cloud,VPS etc.) servers or a hybrid of the two and know which makes sense for what part of the application.

Working closely with application developers to start using best practices with regard to CM and release management and how that fits with your DevOps workflow. We have extensive experience in working with developers instead of against them There is a key difference in building a hardware infrastructure specifically for an application to work with the application rather than a set of machines that happens to be have an application running on them.

Additionally we like to talk to the business side of the company to know what their objectives for the application are. Knowing this helps keep costs down by providing what the business is looking for in combination with the needs of the application developers.

Infrastructure Architecture

Technical Operations

techopsguru draws on over 20 years of experience in day to day technical operations (and devops). From finding the operating systems, monitoring solutions, metrics and predictive tools to helping find and staff an operations team.

We know the importance of automation combined with monitoring and measurement of key metrics to ensure that you have the best information possible :

  • Reactively - what is broken, what needs to be fixed and whether it needs to be fixed now or later
  • Proactively - resource management whether hardware, software, datacenter space or human resources required to run your services

We have extensive experience in the specific technical operations needs for startups. Particularly the transition between early startup mode to the need to start scaling and providing a scalable, reliable service for your customers. Doing this efficiently with a restricted budget is an art that we like to think we have mastered.

Technical Operations

Other Services

  • Monitoring
  • Datacenter Migration
  • Cloud Hosting and Migration - AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Rackspace etc.
  • Database Migration and Optimization
  • Compiliance Audits - HIPPA, PCI, FIPS
  • Security Audits
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning (DR/BCP)
  • Project Management
Other Services

Clients Past and Present

  • Sony Consumer Electronics
  • HundredX Inc.
  • Trumed Systems
  • Synthetic Genomics Inc
  • Chumby Industries
  • OneHealth Solutions
  • Myers Media Group
  • The Virtual High School
  • Eyespot Corp
  • Cadence Design Systems, Inc
  • Vivendi Universal USA
  • Technicolor
  • DefenseWeb
  • Wright Brothers Inc.
  • Measured Voice/Captura Group
  • Taser Inc
  • F6S Network Ltd.
  • Trusonic
  • Sharevault
  • RedIT
  • EpicData
  • BC Tel Interactive (Sympatico)
  • Vancouver Film School
  • Cellnet
Clients Past and Present